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Media packages for print ad, commercial, grand opening, etc.
Personal packages for self portraits, photography, private function, etc.

Special effects in conjunction with body painting or print ads, commercial, movie productions, etc.

Fashon and Arts ideas for any occasion (Movie Productions, Fashion Shows, Themed Concepts, Styling, etc).

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Our company takes pride as a production house combining fashion and bodypainting arts to enhance the entertainment, glitz and glamor for corporate & private functions and events internationally and in Singapore. Using the human body as the canvas, Runway Concepts styles and
create art with a visually appealing look translated through the
unique movement and expressions of the body.
Runway Concepts also provides complete Fashion & Event
services for the discerning crowd looking for a difference.

A diverse creative team helmed by NIXEM who has been
in the business since 1990s. A unique factor in our ability
to provide and complement our event partners and clients
needs that dares to be different.

Body-Painting is a timeless art of appreciating the human body as a visual spectacle. 

It is a means of expression of creative concepts translated on human canvas without incurring neither permanence nor pain or destructing properties unlike tattoos or graffiti art.

Capable of creating a spectacular visual when incorporated into music and movement, it’s a good way of breaking the norm in human psychology for ice breaking and to create a conversational piece.

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We use professional bodypainting products imported from various countries that are skin safe. Liquid bodypaints for air brush are also non-alcohol based so will not cause rashes or reactions when applied to the body. Waterproof bodypaints for water themed events also available in limited colors 

Media packages for print ad, commercial, grand opening, etc. Special effects in conjunction with body painting or for print ads, commercial, movie productions, etc.

Personal packages for self portraits, private photography shoots, pre-natal, wedding shoots, etc.

Are these images and photos digitally enhanced?

Barring the private bodypainting photoshoot pictures done by Nixem where the background is digitally replaced by the individual photographers, the photos you see here are all taken directly from the camera with no photoshop or digital enhancements/touch ups involved.

Our works are usually seen up close and personal by our clients and the public so we don't believe in sprucing up a photo just so it will look super great but is not up to expectations when the illusions are taken off.

How long do the bodypainting take?

Depending on the number of models we are looking at, it can take anywhere from 4hrs onwards to finish up a full body. That's considered short because we have a team of people in different disciplines and hair styling where required to assist Nixem in covering the basic layers of a design.   

More than once we had to finish up to 8 models for an evening event which can take the team the morning and entire afternoon to get it done. Any props and background will be prepared before event day.

Why is it so costly?

It's about speed without giving up too much on quality, which means getting more hands to be involved to hasten up the process hence more mouths to feed.

Our experiences in providing a full body design however more than makes the difference for a complete look compared to some which looks like a replication of one stencil on the entire body, might as well just get a rubber stamp.

Some bodypaint products also had to be imported as quality ones are not available locally. Which is also another cost.

Where do the bodypainting take place?

Most of our projects takes us outside the comforts of a studio setting to the event location to bodypaint the models for good reason, as bodypaint details have the annoying tendency to rub off when models start getting themselves comfortable during transportation.

Our in-house headgears can be elaborate and hard to fit into a transport once placed on their pedestals on the models heads very much akin to that seen during hair shows.

What bodypainting products do you use?

We use professional bodypaint products and as mentioned also import them where necessary or unavailable locally. We also take effort not to use liquid products that contain additives (professional or not) for the airbrush as that can sometimes cause allergic reactions to some skin types. So our products probably will not 'smell like roses' when in use.

Acrylics are used for props, the wall and such as background and needless to say never for the body.

How is the paint removed?

Majority water-based bodypaints can be easily removed with soap and water while oil-based bodypaints will take more effort, an oil rub and more soap to remove.

Some colors are also stronger than others and will take a day or two after a wash to completely fade off if it was on the body for long periods especially after perspiration.

Who can be a model?

Any one can model for a bodypainting project depending very much on the concept and target objective to be achieved. An open mind and ability to withstand long hours is all it takes.

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Kids Activities

Runway Concepts previously known as Out Of The Closet Productions has been providing our services for niche clienteles since 1998.

Avatar, The Movie

Commissioned by SingTel mio TV for the premiere of AVATAR ... ALL READY at 8 AM to roam the media hubs of Singapore... till 9 PM at Orchard Road.

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Hip, Young & Trendy MEN Collections at OG Orchard feat. Casual, Office, Evening and  Private Collections for your eyes only. Bare truth on Fashion Forward.

Runway Deportment

Helmed by Runway Guru Extraordinaire of Singapore, NIXEM of Runway Concepts.

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